Real-Time Process and Inventory Tracking Software

Customizable solutions for real-time process and inventory tracking.

  • Control and view production status
  • Produce process certifications
  • Real-time Process Statistical Control (SPC)
  • Spare parts and inventory management
  • Record maintenance schedules and activities

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Small Business Inventory Tracking

Small business inventory tracking is a key business process for tracking materials as they are received, processed, and shipped from a plant. During processing, any raw materials that are consumed during discrete operations, must also be accounted for and associated with the master part. Through tracking ongoing processes, the plant manager can ensure that critical components or raw materials are always available to process incoming orders.

Small Business Inventory Management SoftwareWhen properly structured, ordering consumables and other associated raw materials based on usage is the best way to prevent stagnating company resources in unused product sitting in stores and even potentially degrading. The good side of using a small business inventory tracking system is the availability of inventory eliminates the chance of shutting down the operation due to a lack of raw materials, consumables or other required product when needed for processing.

Key steps involved in small business inventory tracking include identifying inventory requirements, scaling inventory with sales targets or goals, considering best practices for replenishment techniques, reporting actuals versus projected status on various aspects of inventory.

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